New Growth Will Lead To New Things

Happy New Year!
May this year be for each of you a year of growth; going from glory to glory, and faith to faith!

There is a fresh stirring in my heart to delve more deeply into studying the Word of God this year. This didn't occur to me just this morning because it's New Year's Day. I've felt like a new wind of grace has blown over me during the past week in particular. I know this is a work of God in me, and I am determined to cooperate with Him to work it out practically. So, although I did not make New Year Resolutions, I did have to make some New Year Decisions. (I make a distinction because 'resolution' seems to refer to something more whimsical, based on feeling or a burst of positivity; whereas, a 'decision' reminds me that choice and responsibility sit squarely on my shoulders).

I realize that I am going to have to make trade-offs and changes in my daily schedule to spend more time in study that's deeper than daily Bible reading. It's not going to be easy amidst a busy schedule (nothing worth it ever is) but the rewards are the kind that profit a person now, and for eternity. I also know my personal gains will equip me to better serve all those God has put in my sphere, both offline and online.

How about you? I know that God is also at work in you. Will you take this journey with me this year?

I believe it's best to pray about what I should blog here (especially when I'm discussing something that turns out to be more of a mini Bible study), so there's no telling what will come up. Needless to say, the unchanging focus will be on a closer relationship with God, and with others. This always calls for discussing how to live in the light of God's word, in practical ways.

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Blessings of love, strength, and peace to you in Jesus.

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